Rey’s LPA NN-14 Blaster Replica

This is Rey’s LPA NN-14 blaster replica 3D Printed and then assembled and painted by me. I really enjoyed this project. It was the first 3D printed project I have done that required assembly and finishing. My Dremel came in very handy modifying all of the parts to fit perfectly before gluing. I made a mistake while assembling and accidentally glued the side panels of the main body upside down. So because of that I decided to take artistic license with the rest and make it “my own”. Which is why you can see that I have mounted a spare copper heat sink from a Raspberry Pi project to the side. Over all I think it turned out looking cool and I am happy with the way it looks.

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Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop

This is a desktop computer made from an old TV and a Raspberry Pi 4. I used the highly recommended Argon ONE case. All of the positive reviews and YouTube videos about this case are spot on. It comes with passive and active cooling to keep things cool, a smart power button for easily turning on and off and looks great. Because this is a desktop, I wanted to make sure it had some decent storage, so I splurged and got a 250GB micro SD card. I didn’t want to waste a lot of time trouble shooting devices so I went ahead and got the keyboard and mouse from the Pi Desktop Kit, and they work great!

The real star of this project though is the case from Argon. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Wood Tea House

A birthday gift for mom.

I bought this kit from a seller on etsy and made it for my mom’s birthday. I enjoyed building it, and she enjoys using it. It has space in the bottom to hold tea bags, and you can remove the lid and store small cookies or sweetener.

The folks who make the kit also have many other kits for sale as well. Each comes with great instructions and very well made pieces.

RetroPie Classic Game Console

Sorry for the blurry video

This was a really fun project. I made a classic game console that can play 750 NES and around 100 SNES games. I used a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, CJRSLRB Newest Transparent Acrylic Case, Copper Cooling Heat Sinks, CanaKit 5V 2.5A Power Supply/Adapter, and a Buffalo iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad.

The games run off of a hodgepodge of different emulators all bundled together in a really easy to use distribution called RetroPie. They have full easy to follow instructions for setting up the software on a microSD card.

Skywalker Family Lightsaber (Graflex 2.5 Kit)

This kit is designed as a “cut-away” so you can open it up to see the inside. There are two “kyber” crystals lit up from a LED emitter in the handle.

This is a replica of the lightsaber first used in episode II & III by Anakin Skywalker, and then in IV, V, by Luke Skywalker. Then finally by Rey in VII, VIII, and IX. No other lightsaber has had such impact on the Star Wars franchise.

This was a pretty easy kit from The Custom Saber Shop. I enjoyed putting it together, and I enjoy having the saber for display.